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Professional 12 watt UV Rechargeable Flashlight

Professional 12 watt UV Rechargeable Flashlight


Professional 12W UV Flashlight

The new 'Alonefire' UN Pro UV Flashlight is a high power UV light for professional use - and is nothing like inexpensive UV flashlights you see with clusters of LEDS in them. The UN Pro uses a recently developed, high power, 12 watt LED emitters. It produces an intense beam unlike any other UV flashlight. The flashlight emits a UV wavelength of 365nm - far superior to the 380-395nm that common UV flashlights produce. It also employs a UV filter - so it emits NO visible light - only pure UV light. The high intensity output should never be aimed directly into the eyes. You can feel the UV power of this flashlight if you aim it at your skin. It will instantly feel hot.
The shorter 365nm wavelength makes more materials glow and without the annoying purple light emitted by other UV lights, it is instantly clear what glows and what does not.
This flashlight should be kept away from small children - it is absolutely not a toy.

The Flashlight body itself is machined from high-quality, aircraft grade Aluminum with neoprene "O" rings on the flashlight head and battery compartment seams. The rear switch is sealed, and self-cleaning.
The 12 watt high power UV emitters will of course last a lifetime.
For maximum power, the UN Pro UV uses a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. It is easily recharged via any USB port or charger. Charging cable is included. For a more compact flashlight you may remove the battery compartment altogether and seal it off with the provided aluminum cap. This setup requires a continuous USB connection making it suitable for benchtop testing. Also included is a pair of UV glasses which protects your eyes from the intense UV light as well as making anything viewed under the UV light much more discernible. The flashlight has a 1 year warranty, and is water resistant.
When you need the highest UV intensity in the smallest possible package, this flashlight will fill your requirements.

UN Pro, 12W UV Flashlight: $49.00

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