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Cloud Chamber Source: High Grade Uranium Ore Sample

Cloud Chamber Source: High Grade Uranium Ore Sample


Cloud Chamber Sources are naturally occurring, very high grade Uranium Ore samples that are unusually powerful for their small size. They are pure Uranium Ore - there is no inert rock as you would find in typical Uranium Ore samples. Ideal for use in Cloud Chambers or nuclear physics experimentation where you need a small size source with a high radiation output.

The secret to these small samples is their high concentrations of pure Uraninite (Uranium Oxide). These samples can contain up to 85% pure Uranium. Compare this to other Uranium minerals such as Carnotite which typically contains about 10% Uranium. 

With over 25 years of experience, United Nuclear is the most trusted name in high level Uranium Ore. We provide to everyone from the US military, government agencies, professional labs, teachers, amateur scientists, mineral collectors, and anyone inbetween who just needs some quality Uranium ore.

Every Cloud Chamber Source is prospected, sorted, and certified by hand. Samples are offered at two radiation levels: 5,000-9,500 CPM and 10,000+ CPM.

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Cloud Chamber source with Certificate of Authenticity.

Key Features:

  • Certificate of Authenticity states your sample's precise radiation measurements on a Ludlum 44-6 Beta/Gamma 'Hot Dog' probe. Readings will vary depending on the probe used.

  • Reliably produces strong Alpha & Beta tracks in a Cloud Chamber (hence the name). Small size is perfect for experiments that use compact equipment & probes. 

  • Has a much longer half-life than manufactured Needle Sources, some of which only have a half life of 138 days. Cloud Chamber Sources have a half life on the order of billions of years. 

  • Pieces will vary in size & shape, but are typically the size of a Quarter. All cloud chamber sources come in a black foam display jar for easy storage. 

United Nuclear founder Bob Lazar prospecting for Uranium Ore in 2022 with his trusty Ludlum Model 3.

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