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Cloud Chamber Source: High Grade Uranium Ore Sample

Cloud Chamber Source: High Grade Uranium Ore Sample


Cloud Chamber source with Certificate of Authenticity.

Cloud Chamber Sources are naturally occuring Uranium samples that are unusually powerful for their small size. They're all muscle, no fat. This can be very useful for anyone looking to do a Cloud Chamber experiment, or nuclear physics experimentation with equipment that may not be able to accomodate large samples.

The secret to these small samples is their high concentrations of Uraninite and Pitch Blend, both of which can contain up to 85% pure Uranium. Compare this to other minerals such as Carnotite or Tyuyamunite which can only contain a maximum of ~50% Uranium content. 

With over 25 years of experience, United Nuclear is the most trusted name in high level Uranium Ore. We provide to everyone from the US military, government agencies, professional labs, teachers, amateur scientists, mineral collectors, and anyone inbetween who just needs some quality Uranium ore.

Every Cloud Chamber Source is prospected, sorted, and certified by hand. Samples are offered at two radiation levels: 5,000-9,500 CPM and 10,000+ CPM.

Key Features:

  • Certificate of Authenticity states your sample's precise radiation measurements on a Ludlum 44-6 Beta/Gamma 'Hot Dog' probe. Readings will vary depending on the probe used.

  • Reliably produces strong Alpha & Beta tracks in a Cloud Chamber (hence the name). Small size is perfect for experiments that use compact equipment & probes. 

  • Has a much longer half-life than manufactured Needle Sources, some of which only have a half life of 138 days. Cloud Chamber Sources have a half life on the order of billions of years. 

  • Pieces will vary in size & shape, but are typically the size of a Quarter. All cloud chamber sources come in a black foam display jar for easy storage. 

United Nuclear founder Bob Lazar prospecting for Uranium Ore in 2022 with his trusty Ludlum Model 3.


Q: Is it legal to own a Cloud Chamber Source?
A: Yes! Cloud Chamber Sources classify as Uranium Ore and more specifically, as unprocessed 'Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material'. If a radioactive sample is natural & unprocessed, then you may legally purchase, transport, and own that sample without the need for an NRC license. Please refer to the NRC Code of Federal Regulations for more information. Note that international customers must refer to their country's CFR for legality; not every country is as lax as the US. 

Q: What constitutes "Processed" Ore?
A: Processed Ore refers to Naturally Occuring Ore that has been crushed, ground down, reduced, chemically purified, or altered in a way that significantly changes the ore from the state in which it was found. Our samples are only sold as they were found 'in the wild'.  

Q: I noticed a 500 CPM gap between Mid Level and High Level. What gives?
A: We use a 500 CPM buffer zone to respect the randomness that is radioactive decay. When you measure Uranium Ore your Geiger Counter will reach a critical point at which it's detecting the maximum amount of radiation. Once you've reached this point you'll notice that your readings will bounce between a localized max & min value, like pushing your car's engine to the limit and watching the tachometer. On a Ludlum Model 3 this bounce is typically within 100-200 CPM, so we allow 500 CPM as a comfortable zone for error (both human and satistical). For example, If your sample reads 9,750 CPM then it will be classified as Mid Level. 

Q: What if my sample reads between 9,500 CPM (Mid Level) and 10,000 CPM (High Level)?
A: Any source that reads between two classification levels will be rounded down to the lower level. For Example, High Level Sources must reliably produce a minimum reading of 10,000 CPM in order to earn that classification. If your Cloud Chamber Source reads 9,800 CPM then it will be rounded down to Mid Level. 

Q: Is Uranium Ore Dangerous?
A: Uranium Ore is perfectly safe so long as it is handled carefully and respectfully. Your kitchen knife set is more likely to cause harm than Uranium Ore. 

Q: How do I handle Uranium Ore?
A: The trick is to avoid any dust contamination or stray granuels. Wear gloves, goggles, and dust mask. Lay down newspaper over your work area for easy cleanup. Make sure you don't touch your face, phone, or pockets when handling ore as you don't want to accidentally contaminate yourself! 

Q: How do I clean up Uranium Ore?
A: Simply use a spray bottle and paper towel to wipe up any dust. If any ore gets on your skin you may easily wash it off with soap & water. We always keep our 'uranium clothes' separate from our 'normal clothes' when doing laundry. Geiger Counters are highly recommended in case you find yourself looking for stray ore samples. It is completely legal to dispose of Uranium Ore in a standard trash receptical. 

Q: How do I store Uranium Ore?
A: We recommend that you store your radioactive ore in an ammo can or thick plastic container (think Tupperwear or Rubbermaid). If you intend on displaying your Ore then glass will block all Alpha and some Beta radiation, however its helpful to have a secondary layer for extra protection. Lead is not strictly necessary, but is available should you find yourself with several Ore samples. 

Q: Should I keep my Uranium Ore sample in my pocket for good luck? 
A: NO! You must keep any radioactive material in a safe container at a distance of 6 ft. (3 m) or more from any area in which you spend a lot of time. Basements, garages, and interior closets work well. Never store ore in your night stand, office desk, coffee table, glovebox, or kitchen counter. 

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