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6 Piece Acrylic Optics Set

6 Piece Acrylic Optics Set


Made from the same high refractive index acrylic as eyeglass lenses are, this 6 piece prism set is ideal for performing refraction experiments and to study the behavior of light after passing through different shapes. Each prism is 15mm thick, and polished on all sides for perfect optical clarity. They are coated with a scratch resistant coating, similar to that used in modern eyeglass lenses.

The set includes 6 prisms with the following dimensions:
Double Convex Lens, 90mm long
2 Double Concave Lenses, 90mm long
Semi-circular Block, 90mm base
Rectangular Block, 75mm x 50mm
Equilateral Prism, 75 mm sides

Each Prism has a specific place in the die-cut foam for easy storage.

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