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Geiger Counter Test Card

Geiger Counter Test Card


Geiger Counter Test Card

Our Geiger Counter Test Card is ideal for testing Geiger Counters and other low-level radiation detection equipment.
The back of the Test Card contains a small amount of naturally occurring radioactive material - powerful enough to be detected by any Geiger Counter, yet safe for handling and general use. Depending on the type of probe and sensitivity of your Geiger Counter, the card will typically produce a reading from about 1,000 to 4,000 CPM (Counts Per Minute).
Since there are varying amounts of material in each card, the cards cannot be used for calibration.
They are intended to test for functionality only.
Please note that the active area (the big dot) on the back of the card may vary in color.

What will work with the Test Card
The Test Card will work with any radiation detector capable of detecting common, low-level radiation.
Geiger Counters read in CPM (Counts Per Minute), mR (milliroentgens) or mR/h (milliroentgens per hour).
If you see the analog meter or digital display with a 'CPM' , 'mR' or 'mR/h' - the Test Card will work.

What won't work with the Test Card
Instruments like Survey Meters are specifically designed to detect deadly amounts of radiation, like that from nuclear detonations or reactor melt-downs. These instruments will not respond to the Test Card. These types of radiation detectors require very high (potentially lethal) radiation sources to test them - nothing that the general public is permitted to have.
These units will read in R (roentgens) or R/h (roentgens per hour).
Only the Survey Meter manufacturers, or specially licensed testing facilities are able to test these instruments.

Sometimes Survey Meters are sold as Geiger Counters to unsuspecting customers. The best way to know if the device is actually a Geiger Counter, is to look at the meter or digital display and verify that it reads 'CPM' , 'mR' or 'mR/h' - and not 'R' or 'R/h'. Most of the confusion is around the old yellow Civil Defense radiation detectors from the 1960s. The common yellow CDV-700, is in fact a true Geiger Counter and will work just fine with the Test Card. However, the models CDV-715 and
CDV 717 are both Survey Meters, and designed to only detect high radiation levels.
These instruments will not respond to the Test Card.

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