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Neodymium Refrigerator Magnets

Neodymium Refrigerator Magnets


These are not your ordinary Fridge magnets. Our high power Neodymium Refrigerator Magnets won't let you down.
3/4" dia. x 1" tall Refrigerator / Whiteboard Magnets with strong 1/2" dia  neodymium disc magnets.
Assorted Colors (two of each color: Red, Blue, Green, White and Black) ABS Plastic. Our Fridge Magnets have the magnets tightly press fit into the ABS plastic body to reduce the magnet's chance of dislodging with heavy use, or on thicker metals such as steel walls.
These magnets will hold 20+ pages on a normal whiteboard, or 30+ on a filing cabinet.
Supplied in a convenient storage tube.

Refrigerator Magnets (set of 10): $25.00

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