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Porcelainware Set

Porcelainware Set


Porcelainware Set

A high grade Porcelainware set - all the components are 'A' grade - these are not cheap Chinese made porcelain components.
'A' grade porcelain labware something you rarely see available. This is a set of the most popular and useful porcelain glassware items. Ideal for research/industrial as well as student use. Everything you see in the image above is included.

Porcelain Set Includes:
Crucible, low form, 50 ml
Crucible, high form, 50 ml
Casserole, 220 ml
Mortar & Pestle, (deep dish) 125mm/500ml
Evaporating Dish 82mm/75 ml
Crucible Tongs, Nickel Steel
Clay Pipe Triangle, 2"

Porcelainware Set: $59.00

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