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Glass Tubing Cutter

Glass Tubing Cutter


Far superior to using a file to score and snap glass tubing, our Tubing Cutter makes cutting glass tubing of any size a snap. You can even cleanly cut Test Tubes in half with this cutter. Simply clamp it on a length of glass tubing, rock it back & forth a bit to make a small score in the glass surface, then remove and snap the tubing as you normally would if using a file.
The results are clean, neat cuts.

Perfect for lab use but indispensable in flameworking/lampworking or any application where glass tubing needs to be cut.
Once you use it, you'll never use a file again to cut tubing.
Directions for the proper way to cut and bend glass tubing can be found at link below:
Cutting & Bending Glass Tubing

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