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Crystal Headphones

Crystal Headphones


Crystal Headphones

> Our Crystal Headphones were custom made by a manufacturer for use in all crystal radios. As with anything you have custom made, the cost is unfortunately high - unless you can purchase very large quantities of them at a time.
These are High Impedance Piezoelectric 'Crystal' Headphones. Common headphones and speakers used with todays electronics will not work with crystal radios. These on the other hand work great - and are much more comfortable than the standard earphone for extended listening to your crystal radio. For those interested in technical specifications, our Crystal Headphones have a DC resistance of over 20 Million Ohms and an impedance is about 10,000 ohms. The elements in each ear pad are wired together - that is, the headphones are mono, not stereo.
Like a crystal earphone, the headphones require a resistor across the headphone input. Most crystal radios have a resistor in the audio output (ours do), if yours does not, simply add a 47K to 100K resistor in parallel.

Crystal Headphones: $59.99

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