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\'Spinthariscope\' Coffee Mug
(image for) 'Spinthariscope' Coffee Mug
(image for) 'Spinthariscope' Coffee Mug

'Spinthariscope' Coffee Mug


The Spinthariscope was the first product that we manufactured in our own shop. It was an updated version of the original Spinthariscope invented by Sir William Crookes, and a popular 1950s era toy version that you could buy with a box top from Kix breakfast cereal. Our very colorful Spinthariscope mug has a detailed reprint of the original Kix ad on one side, and the logo for our updated Spinthariscope on the reverse. As it turns out, there are a surprising number of people that collect old Spinthariscopes. If you're one of them, this is a coffee mug that will go perfectly with your collection. Like all our mugs, this one is printed in full color, on a high gloss, 12 ounce ceramic coffee mug - dishwasher safe of course.

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