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Invisible UV Marker

Invisible UV Marker


Invisible UV Marker

Our permanent UV Marker Pen leaves just a clear (invisible) mark when viewed under ordinary light. Under UV (blacklight) though, the writing glows a sky blue and is plainly seen. Used by business owners, law enforcement, home owners, and anyone who wants to secure their property. Great for in-house theft prevention, anti-counterfeiting, and product security - mark business property, tools, computers, books, equipment, etc. to be able to prove ownership. Simply mark the surface with our UV marker, then use a UV (blacklight) to view the invisible markings. You can also use these inks to secretly mark your products to prevent fraud, false returns, false re-work of parts, and many other ways businesses lose money by not being able to prove property ownership. Ideal for marking hands of customers at large events. Also fun for writing secret notes that only someone else with a UV light can see.
These are permanent markers and will write on pretty much everything.... metal, plastic, paper, etc.

Invisible UV Marker: $4.00

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