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Gigantic Periodic Table of the Elements Poster

Gigantic Periodic Table of the Elements Poster


A change from the typical Periodic Table of the Elements poster - this one is a true work of art.
Beautiful, high resolution images of the elements in a large format poster.

A friend of ours named Theodore Gray spent four years collecting and photographing samples of all the chemical elements, months of struggling to select the very best example of each one, and months on top of that working with the print house to produce the best possible quality, large-format print. The poster is two sided - the top side is shown immediately below and contains element images along with the atomic number of the element. The reverse side of the poster (bottom image) also contains quality photographs of element samples, but also includes far more technical data on each element.

Every element has a pretty side, and we've tried to give each one a chance to show off what makes it unique and beautiful. For example, the noble gases are represented by discharge tubes that display their characteristic colors in an electric arc. Iodine was photographed while being heated from below to bring out the distinctive and lovely purple vapor it gives off at elevated temperatures. Niobium is represented by an ultra-high purity crystal ribbon, an attractive form that few people have ever seen. Silicon, in contrast, is represented by a relatively low-purity sample, but one that is just plain good-looking.
The poster is printed from a 1.4GB composite file with a resolution of 520 dpi (at 53" wide) on a MAN Roland 900XXL 73" sheet-fed offset press, the first of its kind installed in the US. Stochastic dithering (instead of conventional halftone screening) results in an extra-sharp image, aided by the high registration accuracy of the press. The images come from Theo's library of over a thousand element samples, many collected or re-photographed specially for this poster. (A few highly unstable elements show a picture of the person or place after which the element is named, or a mineral that contains trace amounts of the element.)
This poster is outstanding in its large format - it is over 2 feet high x 4 feet wide.
Actual poster dimensions: 27" x 53" (68cm x 134cm)

Gigantic Periodic Table Poster: $49.00

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