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Peltier Thermoelectric Cooling Chip

Peltier Thermoelectric Cooling Chip


Peltier Thermoelectric Cooling Chip


Amazing devices, one side of these Peltier Chips becomes absolutely freezing cold and the other very hot when power is applied - make a miniature refrigerator with no moving parts - and no compressor!

Peltier Junction, Thermoelectric Cooler, TEC - all these names refer to this same device. When a DC voltage is applied to this semiconductor device, one side gets cold while the opposite side gets hot. They are so efficient that they will self destruct if measures aren't taken to draw the heat off the hot side using a heat sink and/or fan. Properly utilized, these like other semiconductors will enjoy a very long and dependable life.
The possible applications for these go far beyond the simple heating or cooling of coffee and beer; controlling the temperature of chemical reactions, heating or cooling of small engines, dissipating heat from critical components, etc.
This Peltier chip's maximum power consumption is approximately 60 watts. The absolute maximum voltage you can supply it with is 15 volts and at that voltage it will consume about 6 amps. Like all semiconductors, it's best to run the chip under these absolute maximum ratings. Typically it is run at 12 volts.
They MUST be used with a large aluminum or copper heat sink to dissipate heat away from the hot side - if you don't use some sort of heat sink you'll fry the device. With proper heatsinking, it's possible to get ice to form on the cold side in under 30 seconds. Attaching a small fan to blow the heat off the heat sink increases performance even more. Great for cooling all sorts of devices/gadgets. Customers have already used these in everything from small refrigerators to performance enhancing devices that cool air entering carburetors or lowering temperatures of fuel feed lines to increase engine power.


Size: 40 mm x 40 mm x 3.4 mm
Supply Voltage (maximum): 15V
Current Draw (maximum): 6A
Power Consumption: 60 watts
Made in USA

60 watt Peltier Thermoelectric Cooling Chip: $9.95

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