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UV Enhancing Glasses

UV Enhancing Glasses


UV Enhancing Glasses

> Ideal for use with any of our UV lights or any UV light source between 375nm - 400 nm.
Some materials do fluoresce under UV light, but are too difficult to pick out of the background 'fringe' UV wavelengths.
These high-impact glasses dramatically enhances objects being viewed under UV Light (Blacklight) in the 375nm to 400nm range (longwave UV light). Unwanted wavelengths are filtered out, leaving a high contrast ratio on objects that exhibit UV fluorescence. Virtually eliminates UV eye fatigue when working for extended periods with UV light. Offers high impact eye protection.
Caution - Do not use these glasses for shortwave UV eye protection (UV lights in tanning beds, etc.)

UV Enhancing Glasses: $9.00

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