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Infrared UltraFire 3 watt Flashlight

Infrared UltraFire 3 watt Flashlight


UltraFire IR Flashlight

Our UltraFire IR is a powerful Infrared flashlight ideal for night vision uses. Unlike other IR flashlights, our unit operates at an IR wavelength of 940nm meaning it produces absolutely NO visible light at all. The unit can be used as a normal IR handheld flashlight or, using the included mount and alternate switching endcap, it can be mounted on a rifle or other weapon. In this configuration it is activated by applying pressure to the wired switchpad to turn on and off instantly - without removing your hands from the weapon.
The flashlight has a zoom feature - slide the head out for a long distance focus. This makes the effective range of the light far greater. A high power lithium rechargeable battery is included along with a smart charger as well as an impact resistant storage/carrying case.

UltraFire Rechargeable IR Flashlight: $49.00

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