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Infrared (IR) LEDs

Infrared (IR) LEDs


Invisible Infrared LEDs

Our Infrared LEDs ( IR LEDs ) emit a completely invisible wavelength of light at 940 nanometers.
There are some IR LEDs available that are 'near' infrared, and in the dark you can plainly see their dim red glow. They do produce infrared light, but if they are also producing visible light, which kind of defeats the purpose of some devices - especially covert devices like night vision systems and spy cameras.
Our IR LEDs emit IR light at a wavelength of 940 nm, which is completely invisible to the Human eye.
They can however be 'seen' by just about any camcorder, video camera, TV camera, etc. Most modern digital cameras, camcorders and video cameras use solid-state image sensors which are very sensitive to IR light. You can easily make a night vision system with just a few IR LEDs and your existing video camera or camcorder. Light up an object that's in total darkness with these LEDs and it will remain invisible to the Human eye. But looking through a video camera, you will clearly see the object brightly illuminated.
They will run at just about any voltage with the proper resistor.
For maximum output, we recommend that they be run at 25 mA, with 30 mA being the maximum.
Life is rated between 60,000 - 100,000 hours, depending on how hard they are driven.
Standard 5mm (T1-3/4) size.

Like all standard LEDs, these require a resistor in series with the LED to limit how much current they will draw.
Use a 480 ohm resistor for 12 volt use, a 240 ohm for 6 volt use, or a 200 ohm resistor for 5 volt use.

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