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Medium Trinitite Sample

Medium Trinitite Sample


Medium Trinitite Samples

These are our actual medium Trinitite samples.

Trinitite is the hardened, melted desert sand produced by the world's first nuclear explosion.
Early in the morning on July 16th, 1945, the first Atomic Bomb was detonated at the Trinity test site in the New Mexico desert. The nuclear explosion produced a blast equivalent of 18,000 tons of TNT and a ½ mile diameter fireball - with a temperature over 10 million degrees Fahrenheit, far hotter than the surface of the Sun. The intense heat melted the New Mexico desert sand into a light green, glass-like substance which was later named "Trinitite". This 'Trinitite' material is composed of the desert sand melted into a crude glass, along with the vaporized bomb casing & nuclear isotopes formed by the bomb detonation. Although it is still slightly radioactive, it is safe to handle and requires no special containment.
The resulting crater that was lined with Trinitite was buried for security reasons. As a result, authentic samples of Trinitite are quite rare and very difficult to obtain. A few drums of Trinitite was saved from the burial... and this is that material. Once it is gone, there will never be any more. As supplies diminish, expect Trinitite prices to skyrocket. As stated above, all our Trinitite samples are tested for authenticity, and hand picked for perfect coloring and crystallization. These are excellent samples for both the beginning and professional collectors. Like all collectibles, Trinitite samples are an investment... their value will always increase over time.
An independent researcher at Georgia Tech analyzed our Trinitie and provides additional interesting information as well as technical data, graphs & charts which can be found by Clicking Here
Medium samples vary in weight, size, and shape as shown in the image above. Sold individually (just the sample itself) packaged in a clear plastic case as shown.

All samples include a signed United Nuclear certificate of authenticity & measured radiation.

Medium Trinitite Sample: $99.00

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