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High Power, Gigantic Solar Cell

High Power, Gigantic Solar Cell






High Power, Gigantic Solar Cell





These truly are gigantic high power solar cells. They are huge, 6-1/8" square (156mm). In full sunlight, they produce a little over 1/2 volt (0.55 volts to be exact) at an amazing 10 amps! That is over 5 watts per cell! High conversion rate & high efficiency output.
Please note - these are super thin and super fragile - imagine a paper thin sheet of glass. You must handle them carefully.
They can be a bit tricky to solder to - recommended for those experienced with soldering small or delicate electronics.

Solar power your project!
Connect as many of our High Power Solar Cells as desired to produce just about any voltage or current to power anything you can run on a battery.

Back view of Solar Cell


High Power Solar Cell: $4.99

Individual Solar Cells
These are brand new, American made, multi-crystalline 6" x 6" Solar Cells.
They are quality 'A grade', Not recycled , rejects or seconds. They are prime High Power Solar Cells.

Solar Cell Specifications
Output Voltage: 0.55 volts (Vmax)
Output Current: 10.0 Amps (Imax)
Average Power: 5 Watts
Size: 6.15" x 6.15" (156mm x 156mm)
Weight: 0.35 ounces (10 grams)

Solder your negative wire to any of the traces on the front of the cell, then solder your positive wire to any one of the small rectangular pads on the cell's back.
Connect cells together in series to increase voltage or in parallel to increase current (amps). Power just about anything.
This is as 'green' as you can get.

Note: All Solar Cells are thin and very fragile. They must be handled with care or they will chip & crack. Small chips and cracks do not affect performance. Also note that you can break or cut these cells into whatever size you like. They will still produce power no matter how small you make them - the larger the piece,
the more the power.

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