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Van de Graaff Generator - 600 kV

Van de Graaff Generator - 600 kV


Van de Graaff Generator - 600,000 volts

Generate over 1/2 million volts to produce crashing lightning bolts and perform fantastic electrostatic experiments on an incredible and spectacular scale! A fascinating piece of equipment for education, laboratory research, or just plain fun!

Demonstrate lightning, lightning rods, St. Elmo's fire, repulsion of like charges, electrostatic dust collection and the flow of ions. Create colorful glowing demonstrations of the Aurora Borealis and many other impressive high energy experiments.
Easy-to-build electrostatic projects can be scaled up to large and impressive proportions.
Build & power ion drive engines and a variety of 'antigravity' models that will silently float in mid-air using nothing but common materials from around the house.
These huge generators are ideal for auditorium or classroom science demonstrations as well as a dependable source of high voltage for laboratory experimentation & research.

We offer two versions of this generator, a 600,000 volt model and a 400,000 volt model.
The larger 600,000 volt unit is equipped with a gigantic 17" diameter polished Stainless Steel collector sphere. Overall height of the unit is 37.5" - with the globe on. With the globe off, it is about 27" tall. The generator is powered by a 3,000 rpm, 110v ac motor and it produces a current of approximately 10 microamps. Rock solid construction with a heavy duty clear Lucite insulating column.
Other than the different collector sizes, our two large Van de Graaff Generators are identical in construction.
A spare neoprene belt is included with either unit. The instruction manual contains several popular and impressive high voltage experiments and demonstrations perfect for classroom or lecture demos.

Please note that our larger 400kv and 600kv Van de Graaff Generators are built to order. If you are on a tight time schedule, be sure to allow additional time for us to manufacture the unit.

High Voltage Information
While the voltage produced by this unit is high, the actual current (amperage) produced in this device is is very low. Electrical currents of this type are known as Static Electricity. Although there is little danger from the electrical charge itself, it can still produce a shock that may cause secondary harm like a small shock causing you to jump back and hit your head on something. People with cardiac pacemakers should never operate any high voltage equipment or approach it while in operation as the electrical fields produced could cause the pacemaker to be damaged or malfunction.

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