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Uranium Metal, large samples
  • Model: USA Only/Sig. Req.

Uranium Metal, large samples

Uranium MetalUranium Metal
Uranium MetalUranium Metal
Uranium MetalUranium Metal

Uranium Metal
chemical formula: U
(large metal pieces)

Larger, Uranium-238 metal samples. Three different samples are currently available (see images above).
There is only one each of these samples available. Two photos have been taken of each sample, one with a penny for size comparison. The weight of each sample is as follows: A = 22 grams, B = 23 grams, C= 4.5 grams.
Uranium is a chemical element (atomic number 92) with a melting temperature of 2,070 °F (1,132 °C).
Ideal for element collectors, those conducting experiments with genuine Uranium metal, or for the fabrication of exotic Uranium compounds. Uranium is a very hard, heavy, radioactive metal, and at 19050 kg/m³, it is 70% more dense than Lead.
Our Uranium Metal is approximately 99.68% Uranium-238, 0.31% Uranium-235, and .0055% Uranium-234
The half-life of Uranium238 is 4.5 billion years.

We offer Vacuum sealed samples which help prevent oxidation over time (preferable for collectors). If you wish to put your Uranium piece on display then you may want to select the non-vacuum sealed option.

Caution: Use normal laboratory safety precautions when working with Uranium metal. Accidental inhalation or ingestion of fine Uranium particles can be dangerous. Machining will produce particles that can spontaneously ignite.

Like our Chemicals, Uranium Metal is non returnable.

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Shipping Restriction (info) USA Only
Hazmat Fee (info) No
Signature Required (info) Yes
Quantity Restriction (info) No

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