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Uranium Metal, 3 gram sample
  • Model: USA Only/Sig. Req.

Uranium Metal, 3 gram sample


Uranium Metal
Typical Uranium metal samples. Hand contains three, 3 gram samples. normally 2 or 3 pieces totals 3 grams.

Uranium Metal
chemical element: U
Uranium Metal(metal chunks)Uranium Metal
Very high Purity Uranium238 metal chunks. Uranium is a chemical element (atomic number 92) with a melting temperature of 2,070 °F (1,132 °C). Pure, high purity Uranium metal is difficult to come by. Aside from nuclear weapons, Uranium is used by the Military in projectiles - however it is very impure, being an alloy known as 'Ballistic Uranium'. Ballistic Uranium consists of Uranium mixed with large quantities of Tungsten, Titanium or Hafnium, which is unacceptable for laboratory use.
Our pure Uranium is ideal for element collectors, those conducting experiments with genuine Uranium metal, or for the fabrication of exotic Uranium compounds. Uranium is a very hard, heavy, radioactive metal, and at 19050 kg/m³, it is 70% more dense than Lead. At least 3 grams of pure Uranium metal are included. Pieces may vary in size and shape and number, but you'll always get 3 to 4 grams. Examples of 3 gram piles of Uranium samples are shown in the image above. The Uranium is sealed in a vacuum pouch under low pressure Argon gas to prevent any additional oxidation or discoloration of the metal.
Our Uranium Metal is approximately 99.68% Uranium238, 0.31% Uranium235 and .0055% Uranium234
The half-life of Uranium238 is 4.5 billion years.
Caution: Use normal safety precautions (wear a filter mask/respirator and gloves) when working with Uranium metal. Accidental inhalation or ingestion of Uranium particles can be dangerous. Machining will produce particles that can spontaneously ignite producing radioactive smoke. Note: adult signature required upon delivery.

MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

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Shipping Restriction (info) USA Only
Hazmat Fee (info) No
Adult Signature Required (info) Yes
Quantity Restriction (info) No

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