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Polonium (Po)
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Polonium (Po)


Polonium (Po)

>Polonium sample for collectors & display. Polonium is a radioactive element (an alpha radiation emitter) with no stable isotopes. Our Polonium sample is Polonium-210, sealed in a standard 1" epoxy radioisotope source disk.
The 1/4" hole in the disk contains the Polonium metal, approximately 0.1 microcuries (uCi).
Includes clear storage/display container with lid as shown.
NOTE: The Polonium samples are made to order at our partner nuclear facility in Tennessee. The Polonium sample itself will be shipped to you directly from the facility in Tennessee. The small plastic element display container will ship separately to you from our office in Michigan. We cannot ship this item outside the USA.
You may also choose the foam insert color, either black or white (make selection below).

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