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Needle Sources
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Needle Sources


General Information
Needle Radioisotope sources are typically used in Cloud Chambers or other devices that require a point source. Needle sources have the radioactive isotope applied to the eye of a common sewing needle. The point of the needle is inserted into a stopper and the source conveniently packaged in a test tube. Like our other forms of radioisotopes, our Needle sources are low level and exempt from Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulations and licensing. They do not require any sort of special handling or storage, and they can be discarded with normal trash if they are no longer needed.
Since the quantities dealing with radioisotopes are so small (the actual amount of radioactive material on the needles is so small it is invisible to the eye). The Curie (Ci) or Microcurie (uCi) is the standard unit of measurement dealing with radioisotopes.

Below is a list of the currently available Needle sources, the type and energy of the radiation they emit, their half-life,
and the activity (in microcuries) that are available.

To ensure the longest half-life possible, all isotopes are fabricated to order and shipped directly to you from our NRC licensed nuclear isotope manufacturing facility in Oak Ridge, TN. Please allow 7-10 days for isotope fabrication & shipping.

Please pay close attention to what you order. Because these products are custom made,
you cannot return or exchange any isotope product for any reason.

Lead210 0.01uCi over 20 years Alpha & Beta
Strontium90 0.01uCi 28.5 years Beta
Polonium210 0.01uCi 138 days Alpha

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Needle Sources

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