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chemical element: I2
( crystals )
High purity Iodine in crystal form (atomic number 53). Ideal for element collectors or those conducting experiments with pure Iodine. Iodine is primarily used for water purification and as a disinfectant. On heating, Iodine sublimes directly from a solid to a dense violet vapor.
NOTE: Federal regulations limit purchase of this chemical to 1 ounce per year per customer.
Caution: Iodine and its vapors are toxic and corrosive. User must use proper safety precautions (wear a filter mask/respirator and gloves, etc.) when working with this material.

1 ounce: $39.00

Shipping Restriction (info) USA Only
Hazmat Fee (info) No
Signature Required (info) No
Quantity Restriction Yes
MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

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