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UFO Poster


UFO Poster


Bob is focusing his time on projects outside of United Nuclear and will not be available to sign items on a regular basis. Put differently: autographed items will not be available forever. 

In December of 1988 through April of 1989, a young physicist named Bob Lazar worked at a Government research facility in the Nevada desert known as S4. This facility was part of the Area 51 complex and about 15 miles south of it.
The whole story is far too long to get into here, but his job at S4 was to "back engineer" a recovered spacecraft of alien origin (see for additional info). Shortly after Bob left S4, he enlisted the help of his friend Hollywood Visual Effects director Jon Farhat. Under Bob’s guidance, Jon produced all the 3D models used to create the interior and exterior of the famous Testors model. Bob provided LAT/LON coordinates that were then used to contract Soyuzcarta satellite in Russia, formerly a Soviet Era aerial spy network. They acquired the first satellite image centering not only on Groom Lake, but the entire Groom mountain range and especially the Papoose dry lake bed, the location of S4. This was nearly 30 years ago, before the Internet or GoogleEarth as Bob and Jon sent pictures back and forth over a 300 baud modem to create the massive composite known for years as the Bob Lazar UFO Poster. Now offered in its second edition, the Bob Lazar poster can be signed by Bob himself at no additional charge. These are newly printed posters on 100 pound, high gloss poster stock. The graphics, color & overall quality is far better than the original printing run done many years ago. The posters measure 24" x 36"
If you would like the poster signed, click on the choice below. Bob will hand sign the poster if requested. If you would also like it personalized, write the name of the person you would like it it signed to in the notes section of your order.



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