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Tritium Light Source - Green
(image for) Tritium Light Source - Green
(image for) Tritium Light Source - Green

Tritium Light Source - Green


Tritium Light Source - green

> Brand New Tritium Light Sources. Laser sealed in a 31.5mm borosilicate glass tube which has been coated internally with phosphor. In one single process, the unit is sealed by a CO2 laser and injected with gaseous Tritium. The low energy electrons emitted by the Tritium, excite the phosphor and this creates a safe, low level light without heat and no risk of fire or explosion.

Tritium gas ( H3 ) is a radioactive form of ordinary Hydrogen gas ( H2 ).
High pressure Tritium gas is sealed inside these small borosilicate glass vials, and continuously emits low energy Beta radiation (electrons). These electrons impact a special phosphor coating on the inside of the tube, which in turn emits a visible GREEN glow. These low level light sources have unique properties, they are unaffected by water, oil and most corrosive materials. They are brand new with a 2023 manufacture date and will continuously glow for 10 to 20 years. They are totally fail-safe and maintenance free. They require no external power source or exposure to light in order to work. The acrylic casing protects the fragile glass vial but it can still break if handled roughly. Tritium Light Sources go through a labor intensive manufacturing process with quality control being a dominant consideration. They are 100% inspected for dimensions, brightness, temperature, thermal shock and Tritium leakage. Random sample testing is performed continually for discoloration, brightness decay, reduced pressure and vibration effects. Only a very small quantity of Tritium gas in sealed within the tube, and the low-level Beta radiation cannot penetrate the inner glass tube. They are completely safe for all uses. Should you actually manage to break the tube, the tiny amount of Tritium gas will simply disperse and the unit will cease to function.

These have infinite variety practical uses... attach one to anything you want to find in the dark. Attach one to your flashlight so you can locate it when the lights are out... your pet's collar in case he wanders off into the darkness... mount them on the corners of walls to find your way in the darkness, etc., etc.
Some advanced experimenters extract the Tritium gas inside the tube and mix it with Deuterium gas, using this mixture inside homemade Fusor devices, which demonstrates nuclear fusion on a very small scale.
Most of us though, simply use these for what they are intended - providing reliable, visible light. The light emitted by Tritium Light Sources can be seen up to about 20 feet away in total darkness. Very unique, unusual & useful.

Tritium Light Source - green: $49.00

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