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Rubidium Metal, 25 grams
  • Model: USA Only/HZ

Rubidium Metal, 25 grams


Rubidium Metal, 25 grams


> This is a sealed, certified vial of high purity Rubidium metal under a vacuum. Rubidium is an element, #37 on the Periodic Table of the Elements. It is very reactive, explosively reacting with water and quickly degenerating on exposure to air. Very few people have ever seen Rubidium metal first hand, much less a large quantity like 25 grams of it. This would be an impressive addition to any element collection. Rubidium metal often sells for around $125 a gram. Our price for the 25 grams is $499.

We only have one of these, but do have a 5 gram vial of Rubidium as well as a 25 gram and a 5 gram vial of Cesium metal that we will also be listing. If you'd like to add the Rubidium to your collection, now is the time - we'll never see another one of these again.

Rubidium Metal Vial, 25 grams: $499.00

MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

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