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Mt. St. Helens \'Helenite\'

Mt. St. Helens 'Helenite'



Eruption of Mt. St. Helens on May 18th, 1980

Green Obsidianite, coloquially known as Helenite, is glass fabricated from the ash of the infamous Mt St. Helens Eruption. This unique glass was discovered while workers were using acetylene torches to cut through steel and retrieve equipment. While they were working, they accidentally melted some of the ash and formed the deep, rich emerald green glass you see pictured above. Our Helenite marbles are fabricated by hand from the pure volcanic ash - there are no additives. 

Key Features:

  • 5 marbles per pack.
  • Marbles measure approximately 3/4" in Diameter
  • Some marbles have imperfections and tiny inclusive bubbles. This is signature to all genuine Helenite.
  • Certificate of Authenticity included
  • Ultra-rare UV Marbles are also available!

Helenite Marbles: $18.00/pack of 5

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