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High Capacity Laboratory Scale
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(image for) High Capacity Laboratory Scale
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High Capacity Laboratory Scale


High Capacity 5500 gram Balance

The UN5500 is a professional precision scale with an extra-large platform and spill resistant design.
We've tested many, many scales & balances over the years. Some are excellent, some decent and some are absolute crap. We wanted to carry the best scale for the money - the most reliable, useful capacity, and accurate.
This is the scale we chose.
We use it in our own labs. The UN5500 uses a true 55000 division load cell and commercial grade sensors. It provides extremely accurate readings and durable performance for both home and professional users.
The scale comes with a large an extra-large LCD screen, stainless steel tray and parts counting features. It operates on the included AC adapter or 6AA batteries for true portability. The UN5500 also has an integrated thermistor to compensate for temperature changes and auto zero tracking to ensure stability.
There's a handy little bubble level on the back of the unit so you can adjust its position to perfection.

The scale measures in grams, carats, grains, ounces, troy ounces pennyweights and pounds. It also has a counting function, which is awesome for counting large quantities of small parts. The capacity is 5500 grams and it is accurate to 0.1 grams. Other capacities are: 194 ounces, 12.1 pounds, 27500 carats, 84878 grains, 176.860 troy ounces, and 3537 pennyweight.
Although we may use the term 'scale' and 'balance' here interchangeably, technically, this unit is referred to as a balance, not a scale. Scales rely on gravity to produce a correct reading. A modern balance contains a load cell that uses a force restoration mechanism to create a force to balance the unknown mass. Balances are generally far more sophisticated than scales and are used by professionals for advanced scientific weighing. It's the most accurate and reliable way to measure the mass of an item.
For laboratory or home use, you're not going to find a better unit for the money. If you could, we'd be selling that one instead.


UN5500 Balance: $149.00

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