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Hoffman Apparatus

Hoffman Apparatus


Hoffman Apparatus

One of the most elegant pieces of laboratory equipment, the Hoffman Apparatus, used to produce Hydrogen & Oxygen gas from water... or other gases from other liquids. This is a top quality piece of laboratory equipment, not 'student grade' or similar designations. Our Hoffman Apparatus comes complete with two sets of electrodes, one Carbon and the other Platinum. The Platinum set of electrodes are used for the electrolysis of water and the Carbon electrodes are used for the electrolysis of Ammonia or Hydrochloric Acid. The glass unit has two connected limbs graduated to 60 ml capacity, integral with reservoir tube and funnel shaped bulb, with a stopcock at the top of each limb. The lower part of the limbs accept the electrodes. The overall length of the unit (apparatus only, without the stand) is about 2 feet. To produce Hydrogen & Oxygen gas, simply fill the unit with water (with a little Citric Acid or Potassium Hydroxide added to make the water more conductive) and apply a DC voltage to the two electrodes (a 12 volt battery works fine if no DC power supplies are available). When power is applied, Hydrogen gas will begin to bubble off of one electrode and Oxygen gas the other.
Perfect for demonstrations on the production of Hydrogen. Fill balloons with Hydrogen gas or use the gasses produced for other experiments.
The unit comes complete with stand and clamp(s). New units have an upgraded double clamp or clamps and the stand & clamp mounting may differ from the image shown - but is essentially similar.

Packaged in a solid block of Styrofoam for damage-free delivery.

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