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Crooke\'s Tube - Paddle Wheel
(image for) Crooke's Tube - Paddle Wheel
(image for) Crooke's Tube - Paddle Wheel

Crooke's Tube - Paddle Wheel


Paddle Wheel Tube

Paddle Wheel Tube energized.

Also known as 'Crookes Railway Tube', this is our favorite Crookes tube. This unique tube has a paddle wheel with mica paddles mounted in such a way that it spins and rolls along a glass rod track. The Mica plates have small streaks of a phosphor on them which glow orange when energized. When high voltage is applied to the tube, the small paddle wheel will begin to spin and roll down the track. The mica paddles spinning and glowing green and orange produce a dazzling display. The polarity can be reversed and the paddle wheel will roll in the opposite direction.
The tube demonstrates kinetic energy. Although it may appear the explanation is that electrons hitting the paddles turn the paddle wheel and move it from one to the other, it is in fact the heat which is produced from the electrons striking the vanes that actually turns the paddle wheel (similar to how a Radiometer works). Crookes was convinced that the electrons themselves moved the wheel but it was a scientist named Thomson who proved that the electron force present in the tube was insufficient to move the wheel. The tube can be operated normally or upside down. Comes with a plastic stand for operation or display.
The tube measures about 10" long and 2" in diameter.
Tubes require a high voltage DC power supply to operate.
You can find our High Voltage DC Power Supply Here

Crookes Tube - Paddle Wheel: $95.00

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