Uranium Ore Fragments

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Uranium Ore Fragments

Radioactive Uranium Ore - available in Granulated or Chunk form. Granular ore comes in a 2 dram vial, Chunk ore in a 5 dram vial as shown. Vials may contain Uraninite, Pitchblende, Carnotite, Gummite and a wide variety of other primary & secondary ores. Each vial is different and may contain any combination of ores, but all contain the most common ores of Uraninite, (Pitchblende), Carnotite and Gummite. Perfect for experiments in Uranium extraction, Cloud Chamber sources, laboratory experiments involving Uranium or as an inexpensive Geiger Counter Test source. Inexpensive, and you generally get a more interesting variety as compared to buying a single piece of Uranium ore. Please note that the type and number of varieties of Uranium ore will vary depending on the time of year and what ores are on hand at the time. Winter months generally have the least variety as our Uranium mines are not accessible until the snow melts and we can gain entry.
Ore vials are of course certified and come with a Certificate of Measured Radiation.

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