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Uranium Ore Fragments

Uranium Ore Fragments



  • Great for testing Geiger Counters & Cloud Chambers.
  • 5 dram glass vial provides safe storage and first-level radiation shielding (see FAQ for more info).

  • Certificate of authenticity included.

  • Awesome gift for junior physicists and curious colleagues. 


Welcome to the easiest & most approachable way of owning your very own piece of Uranium! We've been selling Uranium Ore for decades and our Ore Vials are the #1 favorite amongst teachers and parents looking to generate scientific interest in their kids. Our vials are affordable, easy to store, and sure to be a unique addition to the cirriculum. 

Each and every vial contains Uranium Ore samples that have been hand sorted by our experienced technicians. While not every individual chunk or granule will be radioactive, the vial as a whole is guaranteed to be. 

All of our Uranium Ore is prospected once a year. Since we mainly prospect in New Mexico and Utah, typical Uranium mineral composition will be: Uraninite (Black & Glossy), Pitchblend (Black), Carnotite (Yellow), and Gummite (Reddish Brown).

In addition to being a teacher's aid, our Uranium Ore vials are great for Uranium Extraction experiments, Cloud Chamber experiments, testing Geiger Counters, and radioactive material training exercises. 



Q: Is Uranium Ore Dangerous?
A: Uranium Ore is perfectly safe so long as it is handled carefully and respectfully. Your kitchen knife set is more likely to cause harm than Uranium Ore. 

Q: How do I handle Uranium Ore?
A: The trick is to avoid any dust contamination or stray granuels. Wear gloves, goggles, and dust mask. Lay down newspaper over your work area for easy cleanup. Make sure you don't touch your face, phone, or pockets when handling ore as you don't want to accidentally contaminate yourself! 

Q: How do I clean up Uranium Ore?
A: Simply use a spray bottle and paper towel to wipe up any dust. If any ore gets on your skin you may easily wash it off with water. We always keep our "uranium" clothes separate from our normal clothes when doing laundry. Geiger Counters are highly recommended in case you find yourself looking for stray ore samples. It is completely legal to dispose of Uranium Ore in a standard trash receptical. 

Q: How do I store Uranium Ore?
A: We recommend that you store your radioactive ore in a thick plastic container or ammo can (think Tupperwear or Rubbermaid). Glass will block all Alpha and some Beta radiation, however its helpful to have a secondary layer for extra protection. Lead is not strictly necessary, but is available should you find yourself with several Ore samples. 

Q: Should I keep my Uranium Ore sample in my pocket for good luck? 
A: NO! You must keep any radioactive material in a safe container at a distance of 6 ft. (3 m) or more from any area in which you spend a lot of time. Basements, garages, and interior closets work well. Never store ore in your night stand, office desk, coffee table, glovebox, or kitchen counter. 

Q: Should I eat my Uranium Ore?
A: If you made it this far and are asking this question then may God have mercy on your soul. Do not eat Uranium. 

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