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Sign - \'No Stupid People\', 12\" x 18\", Aluminum Backing, Vinyl Decal

Sign - 'No Stupid People', 12" x 18", Aluminum Backing, Vinyl Decal



  • 12"H x 18"W 
  • Heavy Gauge 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy
  • All-weather vinly decals rated for 7 years of exposure
  • Reduces encounters with complete morons
  • Hand made in USA
When you've really had enough of a constant flow of stupid people, here's a sign that might help. Post our 'No Stupid People' sign near any place you want to keep idiot free.

There is always a chance that they won't understand the sign, but that goes with the territory. The warning sign just might make them think twice (well, once anyway).

Like all our signs, this is a professional quality 'all weather' sign. Each individual component of the graphic is cut separately from its specific colored vinyl. The components are then layered by hand to form the completed graphic. The high-quality, all weather vinyl graphics carry a 7-year exposure rating. The sign is heavy gauge 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy. Measures 12" tall x 18" wide.

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