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Butterflies of the World Poster

Butterflies of the World Poster


The same high quality as our Mineral poster, our Butterflies of the World poster is a must-have for anyone interested in insects or (obviously) butterflies. This is a strikingly colorful & beautiful poster. The Lepidoptera order/clade contains the butterflies and moths (our 'Moths of the World poster is a perfect companion to this one). There are over 180,000 known species. In general, butterflies fly during the day and moths at night. The most obvious difference between them is the feeders or antennae. Most butterflies have thin, slender filamentous ones which are club-shaped at the end. Moths on the other hand, often have comb-like or feathery antennae. This stunning poster shows over 100 of the most colorful butterflies, as well as a few moths. The captions cite the common name, biological name, and where they are found. These beautiful insects are grouped by continent or other geographic area. Unique globe and arrow icons identify the location. This is one of those posters that so eye-catching that quite frankly, even if you're not that interested in butterflies, it's still a poster you'd probably enjoy on the wall. The 24" x 36" poster is sealed in a heavy crystal clear plastic laminate making it waterproof and very resistant to damage.

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