30 Watt UV Floodlight

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30 Watt UV Floodlight

> When you really need a powerful UV light, this unit is for you. The most powerful UV light we've seen, our UV Floodlight blasts the area with 30 watts of ultraviolet light. Powered by 30, highly efficient LED chips, the light will make even a large room with flourescent items in it light up and glow wildly.
Emits safe longwave UV light in the 390 nm to 400 nm range - perfect for most fluorescent products.

Great for illuminating larger areas with UV light and for use with our Invisible UV Markers, UV Detection Powder, Invisible Ink, etc. Makes our Europium UltraGlow Phosphorescent powders glow at a constant full brightness producing awesome glow-in-the-dark effects. Playing with our Glow Putty in a room lit with this fixture is really a blast.
Unit measures 8.7" wide x 7.2" tall x 4.3" deep.

Note: due to the difficulty in photographing UV lights, the light emitted appears pink in the image above.
In real life it does not look this color and is typical UV violet/Purple in color.

30 Watt UV Floodlight: $59.00

Sold Out
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