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Cork Assortments

Cork Assortments


We Sell Only Top Quality (Grade XXXX) Premium Corks

What's the difference?

 Standard Grade Corks

Grade XXXX Corks

Our Corks are manufactured from 100% natural Cork harvested in Portugal. The quality of Corks is measured by the lenticels (small crevices that occur in all natural cork). The fewer the lenticels, the higher the grade of Cork. Both grades of Cork will seal dry goods and solids (sand or salt, for example) in a container. If sealing liquids where more secure seal is important, we recommend only using XXXX Premium Grade Corks. Premium Grade XXXX Corks are more expensive, but they are far superior to Standard Corks in mechanical strength, seal, and appearance. Please Note: Cork sizes & Rubber Stopper sizes are NOT the same.
( for instance, a # 4 Rubber Stopper and # 10 Cork are about the same dimensions )

Small Cork Assortment
(sizes 0 to 7)
Contains 5 of each size from #0 to #7.
Total of 40 Corks

Small Cork Assortment: $13.00

Large Cork Assortment
(sizes 8 to 15)
Contains 2 of each size from #8 to #15.
Total of 16 Corks

Large Cork Assortment: $19.50

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