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Lead Grinding Media 3/4\", pack of 25

Lead Grinding Media 3/4", pack of 25


3/4" Lead Grinding Media

Approximately 3/4" diameter, Lead balls for use in larger diameter Ball Mills.
Same as our smaller Lead balls, only larger in diameter. Increased grinding efficiency due to greater mass. To increase the efficiency of your mill, mixing some large 3/4" media with standard 1/2" media produces superior grinding results. These lead balls are heavy and not many are required to increase your mill's efficiency. For 12 to 17 pound Ball Mills, we recommend adding 15 to 20 large balls along with your 1/2" media. They are generally not recommended for smaller 3 & 6 pound mills because they are so heavy. However, even adding 3 or 4 to a small mill will produce better grinding results than just 1/2" media alone. Just be careful not to exceed the weight limit on smaller machines.

3/4" Lead Balls (pack of 25): $35.00

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