Radiation Measurements

The radiation measurements stated on all of our radioactive items is guaranteed to be accurate.

You may see Uranium ore as well as other radioactive minerals for sale at Rock & Mineral dealers claiming tremendously high radiation levels. We have never seen a single one that was accurate.

In reality, Uranium ore samples with very high radiation levels are quite rare - and because of this, they are also expensive. Customers can be easily deceived when a high sensitivity geiger counter or 'pancake' type probe is used to measure the sample. The result is a high reading making the customer think the sample is very radioactive & valuable.

We measure Uranium ore samples with a calibrated,
Stabilized Assay Meter, not just a simple Geiger Counter - and only employ a standard Beta/Gamma probe, measuring the total Beta and Gamma radiation emissions from each sample in CPM (Counts Per Minute).

The radiation measurement stated with each sample is the combined Beta and Gamma emissions, taken from the area on the sample that produces the highest reading. We
DO NOT measure the Alpha radiation emissions or use high sensitivity probes as they produce false or exaggerated readings.
United Nuclear Scientific is a respected authority on Uranium ore, Trinitite, and radiation measurements. We provide accurate radiation measurements and verify authenticity of Trinitite and other rare & unusual radioactive materials. We guarantee that all the samples we sell measure exactly what is stated.
We state it in writing, on a certificate included with your ore sample.

Included with the purchase any Uranium Ore sample is a
"Certificate of Measured Radiation" stating the mineral type, location information
and the measured radiation emissions.

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