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Polypropylene Labware Set (20 pc.)

Polypropylene Labware Set (20 pc.)


Polypropylene Labware Set

This is an excellent assortment of some of the most commonly used Poly Labware items. Kit consists of 20 items shipped in a convenient storage box. Personally, we use Poly Labware for almost all our work. The only time we resort to glassware is when heating is required. The Poly Labware containers pour better, and are certainly less expensive... not to mention unbreakable. They are ideal for field work where glassware is too fragile to be used or transported.

Set Includes:
One 100 ml Beaker
One 250 ml Beaker
Three Plastic Test Tubes
One 10 ml Graduated Cylinder
One 100 ml Graduated Cylinder
Four Reagent Bottles
One Drop Dispenser Bottle
One 65mm Poly Funnels
Six Pipettes
One Poly Wash Bottle

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