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Coolant Pump Set

Coolant Pump Set


To get your Distillation Apparatus, Condensers, or high power Laser Tubes operational you'll need a source of cool, running water. Our Coolant Pump Set includes a fully submersible pump and connecting tubing that will get you up and running in minutes. Just connect the pump to your Condenser using the included rubber tubing, set the pump in a small container with ice water and plug it in. The pump will quietly and efficiently circulate cooling water to any piece of lab equipment. Also works great with our Death Ray (CO2 Laser Tubes). The flow rate is adjustable via a knob on the front of the unit and will pump up to 70 gallons per hour. Pump has a 6 foot submersible power cord and runs on standard 120 volts AC. Six feet of 1/4" ID PVC tubing is included which fits both pump and Condensers. Pump comes with an adapter to also fit larger 3/8" or 1/2" tubing.

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