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Zinc Sulfide (activated)

Zinc Sulfide (activated)


Zinc Sulfide (activated)

chemical formula: ZnS:Ag
( very fine powder )
This is our specially manufactured Zinc Sulfide. It has been heated to 1500 degrees F, then doped with Silver salts. The result is known as 'Activated Zinc Sulfide'. This process makes the material glow a pale blue when exposed to Alpha radiation. This is not the common phosphorescent ("glow-in-the-dark") variety of Zinc Sulfide... this is radioluminescent Zinc Sulfide that glows on exposure to Alpha radiation - it does not have an afterglow or glow on exposure to light. The glow is a very low level and your eyes must be adapted to the dark to see it. Perfect for making your own Spinthariscope or Alpha radiation detector/scintillator.
A little goes a very long way.

MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

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