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Uranium Acetate
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Uranium Acetate


Uranium Acetate
chemical formula: UO2(CH3COO)2
( crystal/powder )
Uranium Acetate a radioactive, water soluble Uranium compound. It is produced by reacting Uranium metal with acetic acid. It is quite fluorescent and glows brightly under UV light. Uranyl Acetate is frequently used as a biological stain in electron Microscopy. It is mildly radioactive emitting primarily beta and gamma radiation. Like most heavy metals, Uranyl Acetate is chemically toxic. Inhalation of any dust particles can be hazardous. Ideal for collectors of those experimenting with Uranium compounds. Comes as shown above, in a 1 gram, 5 gram or 10 gram vial packed in standard chemical bottle.

Caution: Use normal laboratory safety precautions when working with Uranyl Acetate. Inhalation or ingestion of the dust particles may be harmful.

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