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Tungsten Metal, thin rod

Tungsten Metal, thin rod


Tungsten Metal, Rod
chemical element: W
( rod )

Tungsten is a very hard, dense metal that has the highest melting temperature of all metals: 6,192°F (3,422°C). It is a chemical element; atomic number 74. Tungsten has excellent corrosion resistance
 and is only slightly affected by acids.  Because of these properties, it is frequently used as electrodes in high-energy electrical equipment (such as targets in X-ray tubes and spark gaps in Tesla Coils) where other metals would vaporize or melt. The thin filaments in light bulbs are made of fine Tungsten wire. Our solid Tungsten rods are1/8" in diameter, and 3" to 3.5" long. Approximate weight is 12 grams.


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