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Silicon Crystals

Silicon Crystals

Silicon Crystals

Silicon Crystals
chemical element: Si
( Crystal )
Ultra pure polycrystallline Silicon, the same form of Silicon used to make solar cells. Although it is frequently called a metal, it is not one. It is a tetravalent metalloid. It has a high melting point of 2,577 F and is an extremely important material in the electronic industry - transistors & integrated circuits being fabricated from it.Pure, Silicon is placed in a spinning crucible and heated until it becomes liquid. A seed crystal is placed in the crucible and the entire apparatus is rotated about 75 rpm. The seed crystal is slowly pulled out and a large boule forms. Once cooled, the boule is sliced into thin wafers which are used for making solar cells, ICs, transistors, etc. These Silicon Crystals are from shattered boules. Packaged in a 5 dram vial which contains about 20 grams of crystals.

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