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Indilloy 117

Indilloy 117


Indilloy 117
( Indium Metal Alloy )

alloy of 5 metals (see below)
( blobs/drops )
The metal that melts in warm water !
This Indium metal alloy ( Indilloy 117 ) melts at the incredibly low temperature of 117 degrees F !
That's a melting temperature lower than that of Wood's Metal ! Wood's Metal is the most well known low-melting temperature alloy, melting at 158 degrees F. Our Indium alloy will melt at a temperature of 47 degrees lower than that of Wood's Metal.
Indilloy 117 is composed of Indium, Bismuth, Tin, Lead and Cadmium. Ideal for classroom demonstrations, making easily-castable metal parts, magic 'spoon-bending' tricks, etc. You can even get it to melt in your hand just by the friction produced when rubbing it. A fascinating & educational material.

MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

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