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Ferric Chloride Solution

Ferric Chloride Solution


Ferric Chloride Solution
( Iron Chloride )
chemical formula: FeCl3
( liquid )
This is a standard 42% Ferric Chloride solution (also known as Iron Chloride). It is used to etch Copper sheet & Copper printed circuit (PC) boards. A pattern is either printed or hand drawn with an indelible marker directly on the Copper sheet. The Copper-clad PC board is then agitated under the Ferric Chloride solution for several minutes. Ferric Chloride is also used as a coagulant in treating sewage and drinking water. Added to a solution of Sodium Silicate, Ferric Chloride crystals will 'grow' and make brown crystals in the well-known 'Chemical Garden' experiment.

MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

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