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Cesium Metal, 10 grams
(image for) Cesium Metal, 10 grams
(image for) Cesium Metal, 10 grams
  • Model: USA Only/HZ

Cesium Metal, 10 grams


chemical element: Cs
( solid )
High purity samples of the element Cesium (sometimes spelled Caesium) atomic number 55. ideal for element collectors of those conducting experiments/producing compounds & alloys with pure Cesium metal. Cesium is one of the most reactive metals known to man - it will ignite upon exposure to air or water. For protection, our Cesium samples are sealed in glass ampoules under Argon gas.  As its melting temperature is only 83°F, it will become liquid on warm days or just by holding the vial in your hand for a short time. Pure Cesium metal has been used as a propellant in ion spacecraft engines and in vacuum tubes.
Sealed glass ampules contain 10 grams of pure Cesium metal.
Caution: Use safety precautions (wear eye protection and gloves) when working with Cesium metal. Violently/explosively reacts with water and may ignite on contact with air. Causes severe burns on contact with body tissue. Requires an adult signature upon delivery.

MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

Shipping Restriction (info) USA Only
Hazmat Fee (info) No
Signature Required (info) Yes
Quantity Restriction (info) No

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