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chemical formula: SiO2

Cab-O-Sail is an anti-cake agent that makes powders stop clumping & flow evenly. Its most common use is in pyrotechnics to increase the explosive power of Flash Powder. In this application it increases the burn rate of the mixture and hence the explosive power. Typically 1 gram of Cab-O-Sil ia added to every 100 grams of Flash Powder.
The Cab-O-Sil makes the Flash Powder "fluffy" allowing the flame front to quickly dart through all the microscopic air spaces, thereby igniting more Flash Powder in a given time.
Since this material is very light with virtually no weight to it, it is sold by volume in a 120 cc container.


Shipping Restriction (info) No
Hazmat Fee (info) No
Signature Required (info) No
Quantity Restriction (info) No
MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )


Cab-O-Sil, 120cc: $5.00


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