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Basic Lab Glassware Set

Basic Lab Glassware Set


Basic Lab Glassware Set

New, most popular glassware, updated for 2021

We've assembled a new Basic Lab Glassware Set consisting of the most popular and useful pieces for general laboratory and chemistry use - and our new set is our most affordable price ever! All components are brand new and prime laboratory quality. Everything you see in the image is included. All glassware is fabricated from high quality Borosilicate (Pyrex type) heat resistant glass. The perfect kit for setting up a lab, or general science/research use.
If purchased individually, all the items in this set would cost over $60.00

Glassware Set Includes:
One 10 ml Graduated Cylinder
One 250 ml Beaker
One 100 ml Beakers
One 50 ml Beaker
One 250 ml Erlenmeyer Flask
One 150 ml Erlenmeyer Flask
One 50 ml Erlenmeyer Flasks
One 50 ml Florence Flask
Nine 15x150 Test Tubes
Three Plastic Vials
One Petri Dish with cover
One Amber Glass Dropper Bottle
Three Glass Stir Rods
Two 75 mm Watch Glass
One Poly Wash Bottle
One Poly Funnel

Please note that on rare occasion, some glassware items may be substituted for similar components depending on current availability.

Laboratory Glassware Set: $49.95

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