High Voltage DC Power Supply, 25,000 volts

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High Voltage Power Supply


Portable 25 KV DC Power Supply
Powerful & highly efficient, our new High Voltage Power Supply produces 25,000 volts (25 Kv) DC,
to power a wide variety of high voltage equipment & projects.
We kept extra features to a minimum to make a simple, robust & reliable power supply that was affordable. This is not an induction coil based power supply so there are no overheating problems or coils shorting out to deal with. This is an all electronic/solid-state power supply that outputs high voltage DC for powering our X-Ray or Crookes tubes, electrostatic 'lifter' levitation devices, ion propulsion motors, table-top particle accelerators, geissler discharge tubes, capacitor charging, animal/pest control, night vision units, material testing, investigating electrical discharge phenomena such as Saint Elmo's fire & corona discharges, static generation, ion ray guns etc...
The HV Power Supply produces 25 kV (open circuit) with a short circuit current of <5 ma. It has built in short circuit protection and can operate at full output indefinitely.
The unit is powered by 12 volts DC and will operate off of any 12 volt 1 amp DC regulated wall adapter, or 12 volt Battery - which means it's fully portable and you're not restricted to a wall outlet. A 12 volt wall adapter is included so the unit can be plugged into any standard 120 volt outlet and its ready to go. If you already have a 12 volt adapter, you can choose to purchase the HV Power Supply alone and save $14. Made in the USA.
Unit measures 5-1/4" (132 mm) x 5-1/8" (129 mm) x 2-1/4" (57 mm).

Producing a powerful and intense electron beam, this is one of our Crookes tubes being powered by the HV Power Supply.
(Crookes tube not included with HV Power Supply).

High Voltage Power Supply (with 12v AC adapter): $179.00

High Voltage Power Supply (No AC adapter): $165.00

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High Voltage Power Supply

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