High Voltage DC Power Supply, 25,000 volts


High Voltage Power Supply

Portable 25 KV DC Power Supply

Powerful & highly efficient, our new High Voltage Power Supply produces 25,000 volts (25 Kv) DC, to power a wide variety of high voltage equipment & projects. We kept extra features to a minimum to make a simple & reliable power supply that was affordable. This is not an induction coil based power supply so there are no overheating problems, leaky oil, or coils shorting out to deal with. This is an all electronic/solid-state power supply that outputs high voltage DC for powering our X-Ray tube, table-top particle accelerators, HV capacitor charging, animal/pest control, investigating electrical discharge phenomena such as Saint Elmo's fire & corona discharges, static generation, ion ray guns etc...
The HV Power Supply produces 25 kV (open circuit) with a short circuit current of <5 ma. It has built in short circuit protection and can operate at full output indefinitely.
The unit requires 12 volts DC at 1.5 amps (maximum) and is intended to be powered by a battery. Being portable and battery powered makes it easy to use as part of your project in science fairs & demos, automotive applications, and HV applications that need to be operational 'out in the field'. Just about any 12 volt battery works well, most customers choosing a lantern battery or a small, rechargeable motorcycle battery. Although you can power it with an 12 volt AC power supply, we have found that most AC adapters fail quickly if contact is made with the high voltage or high frequency the unit produces. Although the HV Power Supply itself is quite robust, it will not tolerate input voltages greater than about 15 volts - and when 12 volt AC adapters/power supplies fail, they typically lose their voltage regulation and output much higher than 12 volts - potentially damaging the Power Supply. This is why we recommend powering the unit with a battery - it simply avoids any of these problems. Overall, the unit measures 5-1/4" (132 mm) x 5-1/8" (129 mm) x 2-1/4" (57 mm) - Made in the USA.

A typical use for our HV Power Supply, it is shown here powering a Crooke's Tube that produces a powerful electron beam for magnetic/electrostatic deflection demonstrations.
(Crookes Tube and cables are not included with the HV Power Supply).

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