RadMax Lead Sheet

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Customers for our RadMax lead sheet include Los Alamos National Laboratory,
Sandia National Laboratory and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Specifically manufactured for use as radiation shielding, RadMax is a high performance, high purity & super dense Lead sheet.
A proprietary manufacturing process that involves manipulating the grain structure of the material makes it far superior to other types of metallic shielding.
RadMax is very malleable, forming and bending around tight corners easily. It is also easily cut with a scissors or soldered with a soldering iron. It is ideal for lining boxes for radioactive material storage, X-Ray tube shielding, etc.

We purchase RadMax in large quantities directly from the manufacturer. Our master rolls are 4 feet wide X 8 feet long that we cut it into 1' wide rolls in the following
sizes: 1' x 1' , 1' x 2' , 1' x 3' , 1' x 4'
You may also purchase the full 4' x 8' sheet (due to the heavy weight, the additional overweight shipping charges have been added into the purchase price of full sheets.)
Our smaller rolls are shrink wrapped and pre-packaged.

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